Unzip your files with the most-used program


  • Compresses and decompresses to a high standard.
  • Works at high speed.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Additional options.


  • Not all formats are supported

WinZip is the most used program for decompressing .ZIP files in the world. 20 years after its creation, this software continues to lead the way when it comes to file compression and decompression. Its ease of use, simplicity, effectiveness, and in general the things you can achieve with it, are just some of the reasons that explain its success.

WinZip, the leader in .ZIP file management

The first reason to download WinZip is the need to have on the PC a program that can unzip .zip files. These types of files store a great deal of information in a small space, and for that reason when it comes to sending and receiving emails with attachments it’s normal to come across this format. WinZip will open files within these types of formats within seconds.

For those in the know about how to get the best performance from a PC without reducing the number of files on a hard drive, a file compression program an essential ally. This software completes this task precisely, freeing up space on the disk drive without needing to carry out periodic clearing out of old files to allow space for new ones.

Compressing and decompressing files are functions that this software completes to a high standard. Even though there are alternatives, WinZip betters them by allowing you to create backup copies periodically. If you’re looking for the best manager for compressing and decompressing .ZIP files, download WinZip.  —

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Type Shareware

Version 22.0.12684

Size 745.23 kB

Other versions

22.0.12684 22.0.12663 21.5.12480 21.0.12288 20.5.12118