Wise Video Converter


Find the video format you need with this extremely simple tool


  • Supports batch conversions.
  • Good quality of formats.
  • The interface makes tasks easy.


  • It consumes too many resources.

When you want to convert a video, somethings just can’t be negotiated: the speed, the ease, and the quality, to name a few. Wise Video Converter brings together all those elements into one program so that it’s extremely simple to change the format of your videos into the format that you need.

The most practical program

Wise Video Converter is practical and simple to use, which saves massive amounts of time as soon as you open the program. The interface is super-clear, and all you need to do at first is select the device to which you want to copy videos. You can come back and modify any setting you want later on, and you’ll be impressed by the amount of possibilities there are to optimize the resulting quality of your videos.

The second attribute of Wise Video Converter is that you can add a whole batch of videos and indicate that you want the program to deal with them all at the same time. It works quickly, although this does of course depend on the amount of videos and the length of each one. It’s possible that with some computers you’ll notice the difference, as this program does tend to take up a little more memory than others.

Manual Settings

Wise Video Converter, as mentioned, is simple to operate. It is, however, possible to ‘complicate’ things slightly and opt to alter the settings manually. Examples of this would be to choose the end format, the conversion codec used, the bitrate and FPS, view details of the audio track, and much more. You can do pretty much anything; from getting a different performance (by choosing the smallest file size, for example), to choosing just the right format for a particular  device (desktop devices don’t support AAC audio tracks, for example).

The possibilities are in your hands, but in general, on downloading Wise Video Converter, you’ll have a program that does everything to the highest possible standard.

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Type Shareware

Version 1.42.47

Size 7.21 MB

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