Get any work done with Word 2013


  • Collaborate with others
  • Various features
  • Easy to use interface
  • Can embed videos and images from social networks
  • Cloud technology

Word 2013 is an office improvement software that will help you streamline your daily tasks at the office or at home. This is the latest and most widely used text editor of Microsoft’s Office 365 suite.

A comprehensive and effective text editor

With the latest release of this popular word processor, you have plenty of new features that integrate perfectly with your Windows 8 devices. Firstly, you’ll notice the brand new user interface that looks more appealing than before. You can also note that you have access to fresh templates and design tools that assist you to add brilliant finishing touches to your documents.

Word 2013 is completely compatible with PDF files, so you can import and edit this format with ease. Thus, tables, lists, paragraphs and any content will act the same as in Word 365. Also, you can now focus on specific items such as online videos, charts etc. by clicking on them, and with another click, the image or video will return to their original size. Furthermore, users will be able to embed videos and images from Facebook into their document text.

Additionally, Word 2013 has a new read mode that automatically organizes the text into columns making it easier for you to read. Not only does this program bookmarks the last area you were busy with, but you can also access the same document from different PC’s, thanks to cloud technology. Thus, Office 2013 integrates with Skydrive and SharePoint so that you can also share and collaborate your work with others, saving plenty of review and editing time.

In order to make this work, every user just need an Internet connection, and you can give each colleague viewing or editing permission so that they can access the latest version of your file. Lastly, to improve the layout, you can drag any photo, video or shape into a new position, and once you release the mouse button, the object and the wrapped text will stay where you place them.

In summary, this extraordinary application plays a vital role in the Office 365 Home suite, which optimizes your work performance and gives you all the tools you need to get your tasks done in the most effective way. Go ahead and try out Word 2013!

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Type Shareware

Version Preview 15.0.4128

Size 487.11 kB

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Preview 15.0.4128