World Of Goo


World Of Goo

World Of Goo is a platform game in which you must overcome numerous scenes to save a group of cute sticky spheres.

Undoubtedly, World Of Goo was a milestone in wit games. You will be in charge of a group of small sticky balls that join to form bridges or semi-rigid structures and achieve greater heights.

Nowadays, the market tendency is to have videogames with outstanding graphics and dazzling sounds; here World Of Goo proves that a 2D puzzle game with good terminations can keep you entertained for hours without the least boredom.

The developers of World Of Goo have created their own physics on every level, in an astonishing way. You will note that the effects of the wind can sway your structure from side to side and make your design collapse if you don’t finish it on time. As you advance levels, the difficulty increases and you will encounter scenes with rivers of lava, spirals that destroy your “goos” or fans that separate the shapes.


- Original and novel puzzle system
- Attractive sound track


- That there has not yet been a continuation

World Of Goo limitations:

- Restricted features
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Type Demo

Version 1.0

Size 2 B

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