World of Warplanes


World of Warplanes


  • Several classes available
  • Different game modes
  • The possibility to improve the airplanes
  • Different types of weapons and ammo


  • Still in beta stage

World of Warplanes is an online airplane game, in which you’ll participate in air battles set in the Golden Age of aviation. It has vehicle models from the biplanes of the 1930s to modern jets of the Korean air force.

World of Warplanes Closed Beta includes three main classes, with completely different airplanes that will have different roles in the battle. The fighters are specialized in closed combat at close range, and they will intercept the opponents’ ships and defend land structures, while attack planes will try to escape air combat to eliminate enemy structures and buildings.

When you start playing the World of Warplanes beta, you’ll notice that each airplane model is based on its real-life equivalent. There are three nations in the game, the USA, the USSR and Germany, each with its own vehicles and tech trees. As you advance, you’ll unlock new weapons, ammo types and features that will give you an advantage in the game. You’ll progressively improve your airplane and you’ll have access to new levels and equipment as you gather experience.

In World of Warplanes, each battle will be different, with large maps full of objects that can blow apart, and different game modes to explore. This title’s style is similar to that of World of Tanks, another successful release by Wargaming.net, but with much more agile and fast combats.

What are you waiting for to download World of Warplanes for free and become a combat pilot?

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Type Freeware

Version 0.4.1

Size 8.41 MB

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