World Tour Fishing


Catch hundreds of fish in a vibrant online community in this amazing fishing simulator and MMO game


  • Strong, high quality MMO gameplay
  • An authentic fishing simulator
  • Excellent graphics, textures, colors, and specifically water effects
  • Fish for hundreds of different types of fish, in boats or at river banks
  • Classic MMO features including questing, rewards, EXP, gold and more
  • Customize your character in the cash shop with boats, bait, gear, etc.
  • Interact with the strong online community and ask for help
  • Fishing is fun, challenging, and immensely rewarding


  • Game offers little or no explanation for more complicated features
  • Some microtransactions present, though hardly a deterrent to enjoyment

World Tour Fishing is free MMO-style fishing simulator for PC (Windows), developed by Games Campus, in which you inhabit a fully immersive 3D world as a fisherman. Catch rare fish, earn money, complete quests, interact with other users and embrace the ever-expanding world in the game. 

Does Fishing Mix with the MMO Environment?

Fishing and MMOs. I have to admit it's certainly an original idea, and others seem to agree. The game has taken off quite strongly in recent years. So, for those who are fans of the MMO genre and want something a little different to sink their teeth into, this game might be right up their alley. Whether or not you're a fan or fishing, or even have any in-depth knowledge of the subject, anyone is welcome to give World Tour Fishing a try. While some elements of the game, such as terminology for bait, tackle and other materials, will seem fairly alien at first, once you've started playing you'll quickly realize that if approached as an MMO things will seem easier. 

Core Gameplay and Features

World Tour Fishing is the first fully immersive fishing simulator of its kind, and it aims to impress. When you begin the game, you are able to create your own character, customizing their clothes and general appearance, choose from four different servers and immediately throw yourself into a fully immersive world. As an MMO, the game has a lot to live up to, so how does it fare?

Early minutes of gameplay should be spent exploring what can only be described as an astonishingly detailed 3D environment rivalling the best MMO games out there. Boats, people, buildings, bridges, water effects - all are realized in amazing high quality on-screen. The game also requires very little processing to play, meaning there are very few framerate drops. What's more impressive about the game is its global scale. The game will locate itself to wherever you are in the world. 

When you begin the game, a tutorial is offered explaining the 'wsad' control system, questing and other features. Although rather diverse, the overall objective of the game is to explore various different areas, earn experience points, and collect a lot of different kinds of fish. Depending on where you are from, different fish will appear. Your local Fishing Association will allow you to pick up quests in your area, travel to those areas, and deliver what you have caught. 

User Interface and Character Information

By accessing the 'My Character' menu, a player can view the various numerical stats which affect fishing success, including Stamina, damage information (mininimum/ maximum), control information, line strength and more. From here you can also equip your character with new gear to increase these stats. Leveling up will offer similar benefits. 

The user interface for the game, as an MMO, is quite sophisticated. The left corner contains character information such as level, HP and CP (used for fishing skills). A row of buttons on the bottom is for character stats, your 'Fishopedia' (a kind of Pokedex for fish), records, the aquarium, community, and the item shop for purchasing new kinds of equipment, bait and so on. Items pertinent to fishing are located at the bottom right, including your boat, your type of net, your bait and your bag. These are items you will use when fishing. 

While I expected the Cash Shop to be filled with microtransactions, thankfully this was not the case. In fact, most cheaper items are more than enough to play the game, and cosmetic upgrades to your character or your boat are just as reasonably priced. There is a currency you can use to make these kinds of purchases, known as CC, but it is not necessary to enjoy the game. 


Like in most MMOs, experience points, gold and other items are earned through questing and achievements. Achievements are earned by a variety of methods, and the game is more than generous when handing out EXP. First-time bonuses and daily bonuses of EXP for catching certain types of fish are a quick and easy way to do it, encouraging the player to hop online each day. NPCs will have quest markers above them in certain areas, offering tasks like catching specific fish, making bait, and many others. Once you have caught a fish, these will also have particular achievements attached to them. 

The idea while fishing is to continue to achieve a high quality hook and reel in the fish without exceeding the allowed pressure, or else your line will break

How to Fish

Fishing in the game can be done by approaching an appropriate fishing spot such as a river or lake. Casting a line is done using the left mouse button. Once that is done and the rod has landed, a bite is indicated by a ping sound while you wait. Typically this takes no longer than 20 seconds, after which you will begin what equates to a battle, displaying the tension level of your rod's fishing line, as well as a HP bar for the fish. The idea while fishing is to continue to achieve a high quality hook and reel in the fish without exceeding the allowed pressure, or else your line will break. Once the fish's HP has reached zero, it's a catch. For particularly large or strong fish, this can prove quite a challenge. After catching a fish, the name, size, weight and time taken are displayed, as well as the EXP awarded. This aspect of the gameplay is by far the most enjoyable aspect of the game, and while it can be tough, it never gets too difficult. The music in the game is most prominent here, playing lively guitar rock music every time you catch a fish, with different themes depending on the type of fish caught. When it's time to travel to new areas, a boat can be used. These boats can be shared with other users.

Online Community

As an MMO, the final feature worth talking about is the game's growing online community. Whether you want to group up with players and fish with them or simply ask them for advice, the community remains active enough to do that. Conversations are often struck up locally about all sorts of subjects, so there's a great opportunity to learn. Apart from the aforementioned tutorial, in fact, the game offers little in the way of explanation or instruction, so I would recommend accepting any help you can get. 

The Verdict

Overall, World Tour Fishing is a great MMO for anyone who enjoys either the fetch quest frenzy of MMO games or fishing itself. The game offers a ton of content, great graphics, an active online community and countless upgrades and customizations for your fishing adventure. The number of areas on offer is just as impressive, with hundreds of different kinds of fish to catch. While there is a lot to talk about, being an MMO, there's no reason not to download this amazingly addictive, free fishing simulator. Who ever thought that fishing could be so fun?



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