Access your personal files anywhere, without using an Internet connection

xcloud is a file exchange application with which you’ll be able to access your documents and files from anywhere, without using an online service.

xcloud for Windows lets you synchronize your files and documents between your computer and your mobile phone or tablet. This will let you instantly access them from anywhere, just with an Internet connection. Unlike similar services, this application doesn’t require you to upload your files to a central server to be able to use them.

On the contrary, xcloud works by converting your computer into your own cloud storage. Simply choose the folder you want to synchronize, and you’ll be able to access it from your mobile device using only an Internet connection. That means there are no limits with respect to size or number of files, so you’ll always have the information you need, just a click away.

Another of xcloud’s benefits is that, since your files aren’t stored on a third-party server, you won’t have the risk of unauthorized people accessing them, since all transfers are completely private. You’ll also save time, since you won’t have to wait for your documents to get uploaded to the cloud before you can download them.

In summary, xcloud is a simple and handy utility, which will make all your important files and documents available when you most need them. All your information will be safe, inaccessible for third parties.

What are you waiting to download xcloud for free?

• Easy to use
• Doesn’t upload files to a server
• No size limit
• High transfer speed

• Requires a good Internet connection

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Type Freeware

Version 3.5.0

Size 7.64 MB

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