Xperia Transfer


Update your Sony Xperia smartphone with the Xperia™ Transfer


  • Transfer data to Sony Xperia
  • Quick, easy to use


  • Does not synch backed up contacts
  • Only transfers data to Sony Xperia devices

The Xperia™ Transfer is an application that allows you to sync data from old Android devices to the new Sony Xperia.

If you are one of the lucky souls who has managed to acquire Sony’s excellent smartphone the Xperia then this piece is the perfect utility tool to accompany your new purchase! The function of Xperia™ Transfer is a simple one, to put all the data, media files, contacts on your shiny new Xperia from your old Android phone. All you have to do is download Xperia™ Transfer, connect your phone via usb and start synching!

The Xperia™ Transfer supports the transfer of data from Android devices that are Android OS 2.1 or newer. The list of things that can be synched with this application include contacts, calendars, messages, music, photo and videos. This is incredibly useful if you have gathered tons of photos over the years, you can put them on your new smartphone in an instant!

One thing to be careful about with the Xperia™ Transfer is that contacts that have been backed up on online accounts will not be synced. So don’t worry if you learn that half your contacts are missing after the download chances are they are backed up on something else!

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Type Freeware

Version 1.0.2

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