YAC: Do you really need yet another cleaner?


  • Variety of tools to help PC performance.
  • Widely configurable.
  • Helps maintain good security.


  • Nothing distinguishable from other similar programs.

YAC, an acronym for Yet Another Cleaner, presents itself as just that for PC. And it does exactly what it says on the tin: cleans, improves computer performance, and optimizes the PC.

YAC: not just another cleaner

Yet Another Cleaner is very simple to run, so simple, in fact, that for the most part it runs automatically. In theory, you can use YAC to delete temporary files, empty the recycle bin, and carry out all of those little tasks necessary to clean the PC. On top of that, YAC optimizes your computer in such a way that it’s possible to run various programs and obtain a performance even better than before.

If that wasn’t enough, YAC has a smart deinstallation function that allows you to delete those programs that you use the least, making sure that no fragments of the programs are left behind; plugins, toolbars, and extensions are all wiped out thanks to the program.

Team up with YAC to defend your computer

One of the most important aspects of YAC is that protects your computer not just from junk files but also from viruses. Whilst it’s not an antivirus, it has a couple of functions that contribute enormously to the safety of the PC.

One thing it does is block ads on webpages, which is important as many ads are vehicles for infectious material. The second function is that it cleans the registry which is used to revise entries but on some occasions used to cover up malware activity.

Call it YAC, Yet Another Cleaner...call it what you want. Just don’t forget that this program has fantastic resources to help keep your computer in order.

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Type Freeware


Size 26.69 MB

Other versions 5.6.54