Yandex Browser


A secure web browser known as the Russian Chrome


  • Intuitive interface
  • Many elements that assist in browsing
  • Ultra-fast
  • Downloads are checked with Kaspersky


  • Much more bulky than its competitors
  • Uses Chromium version 19

Yandex Browser is a Web browser built with the same source code as the one used for Chrome. Thus, this new program enters the stage, boasting a high Web browsing speed, a simple interface, and especially, security.

Browse more secure than even with Yandes.Browser

Visually, it has a certain resemblance to the browser designed by Google, therefore it has been called the Russian Chrome. Its benefits are numerous, but its main feature is the security it provides the user, especially for downloads.

When somebody downloads any program or file, whether it´s compressed or not, it will automatically be examined for viruses or malicious code. The most outstanding part is that this analysis is carried out by none less than Kaspersky, the Russian computer security software, a world-wide leader in this area.

Other Yandex features

Apart from security, the browser offers speed and agility. With respect to the first aspect, it works like a turbo version of Opera (in fact, it uses the same technology); loading pages is really fast compared to its competitors.

With regards to agility, the application runs quickly and includes a number of interesting features: intelligent address bar, lots of search engines, few buttons, a table of frequent accesses, instant translations and easy importing of favorites and configurations from other browsers.

In summary, apart from the benefits named, this Chromium-based browser will let you analyze downloaded files with Kaspersky. Therefore, if you want to increase your security to the maximum, Yandex Browser is the answer.

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Type Freeware

Version 1.0.1084.5402

Size 321.36 kB

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