An application that cuts your texting habits down to exactly two letters


  • Say 'Yo'


  • As far as communication goes I can't say whether or not I think saying 'Yo' is simply enough

Yo is a new mobile application used to communicate with friends and family.

The funniest thing about this app is that it was originally developed jokingly and took only 8 hours to code by its developer Or Arbel.

It has thousands of users already and is rapidly becoming one of the most talked about apps on the market currently. And why? For what it does of course!

What does Yo app do exactly?

The application was built to rival other communication apps such as WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. The difference is that it only lets its users say one thing in their messages and that’s ‘Yo.’

No, we’re not even joking! This is all that Yo boasts to its users a part from the tiny robotic voice that accompanies it, and even still people are raving about it!

It’s developer states that simply saying ‘Yo’ is all you need to say to communicate a variety of different things such as ‘Hello,’ and ‘What’s up?’

If you want to get in on this new-found craze then download the app! 

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