YouTube Movie Maker


This all-in-one editor and uploader makes creating, converting, and uploading YouTube videos simple


  • A compact, easy-to-use movie maker and editor
  • Upload videos directly to YouTube
  • Add layers along a horizontal timeline similar to Adobe applications
  • Add effects to your videos including multi-video embedding, transitions, color schemes, shape, orientation and more
  • Create lyrics for your video with the Lyric Maker
  • Forego lengthy conversion processes when exporting with a handy Convert & Upload button


  • User interface skins are difficult to see at times, with shades of a single color for text and backgrounds

YouTube Movie Maker is a free program for Windows which lets you make, edit, convert, capture, promote and manage your YouTube videos

How it Works

Whether we're on holidays, at home, or at a party, videos are a must. For many, the problem with videos is that they are more difficult to manage than photos. File sizes are larger, editing takes time and is often confusing, and several programs have to be used between shooting and uploading the video to ensure it's worthy of presenting before an audience. 

YouTube Movie Maker attempts to solve this problem by condensing the entire video life cycle from initial creation to final upload into a single, compact user interface. If you're someone who enjoys making videos, but is unsure how to go about editing, converting and uploading those videos to YouTube, then this software will be very helpful for you. 

Features and UI

When you start the software, a notice will appear displaying the various versions of the software. The free version can be used without any time limit, but should you choose to upgrade, a gold and platinum version of the software are also available for $30 and $50 respectively. 

YouTube Movie Maker has three main modes, which can be accessed from the Function Modules: Make Videos, Upload Videos, and Promote Videos. At the outset, if there are any features you are unsure of, a selection of recommended videos at the bottom of the interface offer tutorials on basic video creation, lyrics, video color, slideshows, and more. Making videos from scratch can be done using the Make Videos option.

Once you click it, a new set of windows will appear for adding files (audio, video, photos, etc.), recommending videos and your main video editor at the bottom. This feature works quite like Adobe programs, using a layered system for media and a horizontal timescale. Columns such as Background, Video, Overlays, and Subtitles will all accept particular types of media. Clicking the eye will make change a layer's visibility. 

Files can be dragged and dropped across a horizontal timeline and ordered as desired. The Edit button lets you manipulate media by cutting, cropping, rotating and various other actions. The Effect button allows you to add various effects including transitions, motion effects, audio fading, color schemes, animations, video shaping and more. Effects are always applied to a single line. You can even combine multiple videos together by layering smaller windows on top of one another.

One handy feature is the Save as Template option which lets you use particular settings such as images, text, and audio for a series of videos.

For 3D footage, a camera can be added as a device. A lyric maker also lets you compose customized lyrics for your video in a separate interface. There are many presets available. If you have already made a movie and need to edit it, the Movie wizard is quite handy. It can be accessed from the Guide button or via the folder at the top left of the window. To check on your movie's progress, a preview button can be used on the right-hand side. One handy feature is the Save as Template option which lets you use particular settings such as images, text, and audio for a series of videos.

Publishing Your Movie

Once all edits and changes have been made, you're ready to publish your movie. This can be done locally (on to your hard drive) or directly to YouTube. A YouTube account is required to upload the video. Uploading a video is similar to how it's done on YouTube. Details such as Title, Category, Meta Tags, Description, Privacy (audience) and Upload Status are all displayed. If your video is not in a format accepted by YouTube and you need to convert it, the Convert & Upload button can be used. 

If I had to fault the program, I would say that at times its interface feels a little difficult to navigate. Often menus are not where they ought to be and while fairly easy to use, it also has a rather awkward color scheme (light grey on dark grey). This makes it difficult to browse through menus and see text. The program offers a series of Skin Colors to attempt to rectify this, but all seem to have two shades of the one color for text and background. 

The Verdict

Overall, it is a fantastic editor for anyone who uploads to YouTube often. For one, it bypasses the process of converting a file and exporting it using another program before uploading it to YouTube. Its modes are clearly delineated, it has a great, even if awkwardly shaded, user interface and its range of editing options for creating videos are most impressive. I would definitely recommend this to any video makers out there. Whether just for fun or as a profession, any and all videos are bound to benefit from what this program has to offer. The software is free to download, why not give it a try?

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Type Shareware

Version 10.28

Size 53.04 MB

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