Play your favorite videos with YouTube for Android

YouTube is a free YouTube APK for your Android device. With this software, you can keep up with your favorite YouTube channels and have access to all the videos around the globe you can possibly think of. Also, you can easily mark the videos you like with just a touch and add them to your favorites.

When you download YouTube for Android, you can make playlists and connect with other users that are registered on the website. On the other hand, this app serves as a social network as you can connect with other users. Also, YouTube is a very good search engine when you´re looking for something specific.

YouTube features:
• Play music videos on Android
• Gives you access to your account on the website
• Possible to browse freely
• Free APK
• Mark favorites

YouTube limitations:
• Requires an Android 2.2 or superior
YouTube icon

Type Free (GPL)

Version 11.11.57

Size 18.27 MB

Other versions

11.11.57 5.7.38 10.42.52 10.40.58 10.40.56