YouTube Song Downloader


Listen to your favorite music from YouTube videos offline with YouTube Song Downloader.

The YouTube Song Downloader allows you to save and download audio from YouTube videos.

This application features an integrated search engine so you don’t have to spend hours browsing for the particular track you want. All you have to do in enter the name of a specific artist, song or album and the YouTube Song Downloader will find it for you. Just in case you are unsure that a particular song is actually the one you are looking for the YouTube Song Downloader offers you an overview of the download process.

YouTube Song Downloader allows you to download tracks in a variety of formats including mp3,mp4, flv and even avi. YouTube Song Downloader then produces a high quality recording of your chosen audio in whatever format you want to use.

As the title of this application does suggest YouTube Song Downloader is only applicable with YouTube. It is a little disappointing that the software is incompatible with other video hosting sites i.e Google Video.


• Download your favorite tracks from YouTube
• Offers a range of formats to record audio in


• Only works with YouTube.
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Type Freeware

Version 2018.18.14

Size 65.62 MB

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2018.18.14 2017.17.13 2017.17.08 Build 8.4 (2013) 1.3