The weather on your PC screen as you’ve never seen it before


  • Extended prediction.
  • Various background images.
  • Visuals are customizable.


  • Creating a customized background is complicated and needs external software.

YoWindow is an application that lets you check the weather in a slightly new and original way. It will give you meteorological predictions for the next few days. All that, on an interface that’s completely customizable and easy to understandable. 

A window to the world

YoWindow has a window that works like a window to the world. You’ll be able to see a landscape that replicates the weather conditions in the your local area. The sun will move across the sky as the day progresses, the clouds will fill the sky, and even the grass and plants will sway in the wind. On top of that, the vegetation reflects the the time of year, and you can see if it rains or snows. OK, fine—you could always open the window. But an app like YoWindow is much more fun.

YoWindow also shows the current temperature next to the system clock, and will give you the outlook for the next few days. The app also comes with a screensaver, so every time the computer is inactive, it will show you what the weather’s doing outside, without you needing to leave the house or office.

Customize YoWindow however you want

YoWindow uses a series of animated backgrounds, which can be transferred. There are a number of options in the gallery, but you can also create and upload your own themes from photos or drawings that you have on your hard drive or ones that you’ve found online.

In itself, the process is a little complicated; although there is a tool that guides you step by step to create your landscape, the truth is that once finished you’ll still have to edit it via an external program (Photoshop or GIMP, for example) to remove the sky and make it transparent. YoWindow will automatically adjust the horizon position, but perhaps you’ll need to retouch it manually as well.

The most important point, however, is that YoWindow is an extremely useful breath of fresh air for your computer. Download YoWindow and discover the best way the get informed about the weather!

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Type Shareware

Version 4 build 108

Size 16.22 MB

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