A tool for administrators that allows you to schedule and automate tasks

Z-Cron is a utility for administrators that makes it possible to schedule and automatically run a large variety of tasks, while it monitors your computer’s behavior. This tool will let you manage your computer’s and other applications’ functions.

Some of the tasks you can schedule with Z-Cron includes starting and stopping certain programs a specific times, enable and disable the Internet connection or access to specific websites, and open certain files. It will also let you copy or delete documents and directories, compress files to a ZIP or RAR archive, connect to certain devices on a network, or activate and deactivate system services, among other things.

You can schedule these and other tasks to have the system run them automatically once, weekly, monthly, or every time you start the computer. You’ll also be able to select specific week days, to carry out maintenance tasks without interrupting your work flow. To top it off, with Z-Cron you’ll get text reminders on screen, in case you have to carry out tasks manually and are afraid that you might forget them.

Z-Cron for Windows is very easy to use, and has a simple interface in which you’ll have no trouble getting around, even if you have no specific knowledge. It´s ideal to keep control over your system, since you won’t need to remember carrying out specific tasks every day. You’ll be able to save backup copies of your important documents, keep the system free of trash files and carry out periodic scans searching for viruses or malware.

In summary, Z-Cron is a useful application with which you’ll have better control over your computer. What are you waiting for to download Z-Cron for free?

• Lets you schedule tasks
• Can open other applications
• Shows reminders on the screen
• Easy to use

• Nothing to report

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