Zelda Adventure for Minecraft


Discover what happens when Zelda meets Minecraft!


  • Fresh take on Minecraft gameplay
  • Profound depth
  • Exceedingly thrilling


  • Complicated installation

The world of one of the most loved console games of all time, The Legend of Zelda has infiltrated the indie sensation and popular gaming sandbox sphere known as Minecraft.

Zelda Adventure for Minecraft is a prebuilt world that totally converts Minecraft to a custom-made adventure. Rather than just building and shaping your own world, you conform to play and progress through the one mapped out for you. The Legend of Zelda was completely rehashed into a Java ‘mod’, or, modification for the creative game of Minecraft. The mod of Zelda uniquely transfigures to give players a more structured objective than the usual act-on-impulse approach that the original gameplay yields. Gamers succeed in Zelda Adventure for Minecraft by hoarding items they find along the way, and using them to build their inventories so as to create weapons and objects that help them to destroy enemies and solve puzzles, and generally progress through the map.

Players generate explosions by piecing bombs together from gunpowder and sand. Reaping some havoc as they fly over the seas with their own hover-boots built from iron and feather. Gamers get their craft on stitching together their own ‘bunny-hood’ that enables them to speed across the land. They make bows and arrows that generate light, and savagery.

As standalone franchises, Zelda and Minecraft have millions of fans worldwide. Combine the two and it’s a definite cause for success! Download Zelda Adventure for Minecraft.

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Type Freeware

Version 0.9.7

Size 84.59 MB

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