Zombie Diary


Save the world solo from flesh eating zombies!

Zombie Diary is a game for your Android device that sets you on a mission to save the world from a flood of evil zombies that have made earth their home!

This is an old school, straight forward survival zombie game. The year is 2013 and you are the sole survivor, the only human left, and it is up to you to stay alive and save the world from the zombie apocalypse! In the fashion of most classic zombie tales, a deadly virus has spread across the world transforming the world’s population into brain crazed, flesh eaters.

Enter you, the zombie diarist and the sole protagonist! It is up to you to get your hands on the most powerful weapons possible in order to blast the zombies out of your city! The aim of the game is to make full use of your resources, these are coins and crystals that you collect, to buy better weapons to increase your power.

Zombie Diary offers you 3 different maps to explore throughout the game. The graphics in Zombie Diary are quite cartoonish and slightly garish, perfect for a zombie shooter game!

This zombie survival is hardly original, but the familiar storyline is a classic one that is easy to follow and fun to play! If you want to play something zombie related but a little less bloody and a bit more tactical on your phone then check out Zombie Wonderland 2.


• Fun zombie survival game
• 3 different maps to explore


• Unoriginal storyline
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Type Freeware

Version 1.1.4

Size 15.97 MB

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