Zombie Kill of the Week


Zombie Kill of the Week is a zombie shooter game available for free download on your Windows PC.

Zombie Kill of the Week is a 16-bit retro style game where you play a character that wanders through different stages trying to survive waves of deadly flesh eating zombies.

The various levels are full of weapons to collect in magic fridges and even more strange, Easter eggs!

Put simply this game is laugh out loud fun. It’s hard not to emit a chuckle when you’ve fooled a silly zombie out of hiding by throwing out a piece of meat and then attack him with a grenade!

Not only can you discover lots of different ways to destroy the evil zombies that are intent on killing you but you can customize you own character’s appearance. You have the option of choosing between 40 different torso pieces and 40 different hats so you can create you character’s own, individual identity.

The game also contains a Survival Mode that allows you to compete with other gamers’ online high scores. And if you require even further connectivity with fellow zombie murderers check out the Zombie Kill of the Week Facebook page where you can upload impressive kills for all to see.


• Customize your characters
• Inventive and varied stages
• Active Facebook community


• Not suitable for zombie lovers!
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Type Freeware

Version 1.1.9

Size 169 B

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