ZombieBooth 2


Ready to make you and your friends look bone chillingly terrifying? Enter this photo booth!


  • High quality zombie customization app
  • Great range of customizable options
  • Video option


  • Nothing noteworthy

ZombieBooth 2 is an absolutely horrifying Android app that allows you to transform photos into disgusting yet brilliant zombie photos!

Ever wonder what it would be like if you succumbed to an apocalyptic virus and suddenly had an unquenchable desire for human flesh? Well now thanks to the wonderful ZombieBooth 2 you can see exactly what you and your friends would look like as zombies. This app zombifies and customizes photos on your Android devices so you look a decaying creature from the Walking Dead!

ZombieBooth 2 is very good at what it does and it doesn’t require hours of Photoshopping or make up magic. All you need is a clear head and shoulders shot of you or another and choose the app’s zombify button.

Once you get over the initial horror of seeing yourself as a zombie you can start to really have some customization fun. This app allows you to pick suitable dead eyes, with or without pupils or iris. You can also dictate which parts of your face are decaying and then choose a filter to enhance it to the extreme. Once you are happy, or scared, by your creation you can upload it to Facebook, Twitter etc.

Scary pics aren’t the only thing that ZombieBooth 2 creates, you can also make videos of your zombie-self. The app allows you to tap on the screen and jump with fright as the zombie you attacks and tries to bite you!

If you are looking to create high quality, totally terrifying  zombie pics and videos of yourself then you need to download ZombieBooth 2.

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Type Freeware

Version 1.0.4

Size 31.42 MB

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