ZoneAlarm Extreme Security


ZoneAlarm Extreme Security

The name of the software fits with how it protects your PC, browser, and data. As the name of the software implies, ZoneAlarm Extreme Security is a comprehensive suite that offers a lot of tools, all to help you ensure your computer's safety. The OSFirewall observes the changes in your computer and spots and stops new attacks that may bypass traditional antivirus protection. The Advanced Download Protection checks your browser downloads using three methods before they infest your PC and gives out a warning if these downloads are malicious. The Hard Drive Encryption feature keeps your identity and data confidential. The Credit Bureau Monitoring Services also protects your identity using daily credit report surveillance. Anti-phishing and Site Status block phishing sites from infiltrating your system. A two-way firewall keeps hackers at bay by blocking intrusions and by making your computer invisible when online. There are more features not mentioned in this article that will surely help you a lot. Take precautions, download ZoneAlarm Extreme Security, it's the best protection you'll have.
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Other versions 15.1.501.17249