Personalise your Android device with cute and hilarious Zoobe Pets!


  • Send cute Zoobe voice messages
  • Customize your pet’s outfit
  • Send via SMS, WhatsApp or Skype


  • Is a bit to childish for adults

Zoobe Pets is a fun, adorable animated video message maker for your Android device.

Featuring the charming characters of the hit box office film Zoobe Pets this app is a perfect accompaniment to lovers of the animated movie. The app allows you to select characters from Zoobe Pets and create personalised voice messages with them and send them to all of your friends!

Choose the character and message type that suits your mood, whether you are sending a congratulatory text or relating an angry message there is a Zoobe to cater for all humours! Once you’ve chosen the perfect character now record your own message. To add an extra customizable element to the app Zoobe Pets offers users the option of choosing the outfit that their characters wear!

You can send your Zoobe Pets message via a variety of messaging services including SMS, WhatsApp, Skype or even by email. If you are an emoticon addict then this is the next step for you! This app offers a great way to display your feeling and of course record your voice to send along with it!

Obviously this is an app for the younger Android users out there, but some older people might get a kick out of the comical characters and their hilarious voices!

Zoobe 3D icon

Type Freeware

Version 2.5.1

Size 11.08 MB

Other versions

2.5.1 1.6.3