Half puzzle and half battle game, Zookeeper Battle kicks it up a notch for puzzle games.

Are you a fan of the original Zookeeper game, but getting tired of it? A whole new version of the game has come out, that combines animal matching action with battle sequences. Zookeeper Battle, the most interesting http://english.eazel.com/lv/categories/viewlist/kl3220.htm puzzle game for Android these days, takes the original concept of Zookeeper and adds more action!

Choose from 8 different animal avatars, the same 8 animals in the original game, to use as your warrior. You can play against a friend or have someone randomly paired with you. Each of you will have a short amount of time to combine animal symbols, just like in the original game, to gain attack or defense points. These points will come in handy once the time is up!

Once the timer goes off, your chosen animal will face off with the other player´s animal in a battle very similar to those in the Pokemon game series. Depending on which kinds of animal combinations you made in the timed puzzle part of the game, you will have more defense points to protect yourself against your opponent´s attacks, or more attack energy to attack them with. Download Zookeeper Battle free for Android and check it out for yourself!

Zookeeper Battle Features:
• Choose from 8 different avatars
• Instructive tutorial
• Two games in one
• Two modes to play

Zookeeper Battle Limitations:
• No way to change difficulty level
• Requires Android 2.3.3 and up
Zookeeper Battle icon

Type Freeware

Version 3.4.1

Size 49.73 MB

Other versions

3.4.1 1.1.2