Zoom Player MAX


Super comprehensive media player for all your media needs!

Are you tired of all the media players on the market that are just falling short of what they say they can do? It´s really quite a plague. Well, there is a solution! Zoom Player MAX is a great media player and media center that really delivers.

Zoom Player MAX has some unique features that will blow your mind. It includes two different settings, depending on the type of media. You can easily go between them without a problem. You can also play Blu-Ray movies with subtitles and play a movie across several screens if you wish. Image quality of a film is automatically adjusted according to your computer´s monitor settings. HTLM, Flash, and Quicktime files work perfectly fine with this program.

Other features for viewing videos include widescreen and fullscreen video viewing options. There is also a feature called Video Orbiting that slightly moves the video every few seconds to prevent screen-burns. GuardDog will automatically restart Zoom Player MAX if for some reason the program becomes unresponsive.

For video editing purposes, there are also many excellent options. You can use Scene Cut to edit audio or video. Add video recorded from your webcam or even logos. If you want a ringtone of a certain song, they are super easy to make with Zoom Player MAX. Download a free trial of Zoom Player MAX and see how this media center and player program really delivers on its promises.

• Automatically adjusts image quality to computer monitor
• GuardDog restarts program automatically if it stops responding
• Video Orbiting prevents screen-burns
• Watch videos across several screens
• Create unique ringtones
• Easily edit video/audio

• Needs some third-party filters

Zoom Player MAX Limitations:
• 30-day trial
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Type Shareware

Version 14.2

Size 29.64 MB

Other versions

14.2 14.2 beta 4 14.2 beta 2 14.1.0 14.1 RC3