Zortam Mp3 Player


Zortam Mp3 Player

It’s like Windows Media Player, only better. Zortam MP3 Player lets you enjoy great visuals or watch scrolling lyrics while you sing along with the currently playing song. You can even merge album cover slide shows with scrolling lyrics together with cool visualizations or static backgrounds if you wish. Zortam MP3 Player is one of the few music players with fully customizable interface. You can even add your visualizations and background JPEG images.
You can also choose to view the visualizations in full screen or desktop mode. Want more visuals? You can add Zortam plugin SDK.
How else can you enjoy great graphics and images while you listen to your favorite MP3s or M3U playlists than with Zortam MP3 Player? Plus, singing along won’t require you to log on and browse for the lyrics of the currently playing song.
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Type Freeware

Version 1.50

Size 2.47 MB

Other versions

1.50 1.15 1.10